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My London.
© Kevin T. Vu

ok, so i’ve been pretty busy. and i haven’t added anything on this blog because, mainly, i’ve moved and i havent set up the internet yet. so its been very on and off because i’m stealing the neighbor’s internet, which means i havent had a chance to upload anything. the past two weeks has consisted of settling in my new place, helping others move (NURIA!!!), and assisting. but i love my new place cause i have a front and back garden. so i’ve been pretty much bbq’ing everyday. i’ve been here by myself because mario is on holiday and jess doesnt come til sunday. but jonathan tonks has just come back from ascension island and he needed a place to stay, so he’s been keeping me company and we’ve been bbq’ing and drinking everyday.  it’s good company and we’ve had a great time.  since i’ve been pretty busy, i havent had a significant amount of time to work on my major project.  i’ll try to put more time into it, but i’m also trying to work so i can survive the exchange rate. the dollar keeps going down. but i am working in the pound, so that’s nice. hopefully, my neighbor will have more consistent coverage of the internet so that i can keep this blog going. see ya!



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London streetscapes.
© Kevin T. Vu

I haven’t started my major project yet. and i was very ampathetic to the idea for a while. but now, i’m starting to get the panic-attack feeling. tia was here for 2 weeks and we went to paris for a couple of days. then, she left and i was looking for a new flat w/ mario. so now we have found a 3 bedroom flat. mario, my californian friend jessica, and me. and then i was looking for a part-time job. things keep coming up and i push my final project back. and then, i get these moments where i stress out about what is gonna happen to me come january. i have no idea where i’m going or how i’m going to support myself. i stress about it at night, end up sleeping at 5 and waking up at 3 in the afternoon. and the cycle keeps going. i read articles on photography and see how young and talented so and so is, and then, i look at myself and wonder. where, what, when, and how? those are the constant questions that keeps coming to me. for me, this year/course seems over. people say our major project is the “launching pad” to the industry. realistically though, how many of us will actually sell or make some kind of commission from our final work?

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