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i went for a motorcycle ride up the pacific coast highway last weekend for the memorial day holiday.  i went to santa cruz to spend some quality time w/ jess, hank and rebecca.  i consider them family really.  these journal pages are a travelogue of the trip.





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dinner w/ the ruckers.  encinitas, san diego.

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i’m been very fortunate in my life to be surrounded by such good company.  and embry and co. can’t be beat!  they have been incredibly generous and kind to me!  in a world full of artificiality and pretension, their sincerity,  openness and authenticity have helped me to stay grounded .



aiden’s baptism

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my sister angie carrying aiden out of church, w/ my brother-in-law hien following in tow. stanton, california.
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the baptism was on sunday and i have to be honest, it has been a very long time since i was in church. and considering i was the godfather, i’d probably should’ve been to church more often. but i consider myself more spiritual than religious these days anyways.

as for work, july has been a slow month, but things have started to pick up in august. i think everyone took vacation in july. i’ve been working with frank mostly, we did a shoot for the LA Times Magazine on Monday. It was a quick and easy editorial shoot. And he has me on hold for a couple of more days this month.

I was able to go to his studio after the shoot on Monday. It has such a creative energy to it. In fact, his entire house was covered w/ walls of art that the family created. Diane, his wife, is such a beautiful and wonderful person. I had met her in Mexico with Frank. And they have two lovely boys with a lot of energy. i just love people that give you real hugs!

We were able to sit and discuss where I wanted to go with my work and vision. Frank gave me some great ideas and got me in touch with some of his contacts. He is definitely helping me start the right conversations with the right people, I hope I can just keep them going.

On another note, I’m heading to Santa Barbara early tomorrow morning to assist for Embry. It should be fun! Embry is such a great guy to work with. And I haven’t been to SB for a year so it’ll be great to revisit w/ some friends.

old friends in different places

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aiden trying out eating with a spoon. orange, california.

staying warm after a bath. orange, california.

he likes to put his whole fist into his mouth. orange, california

hanging out with mommy. orange, california.

i don’t know how long i’ve been back home for now. the concept of time is sucked away from thought when i am in suburbia land. luckily, i’ve been able to work on some jobs assisting with embry rucker since i’ve been back. that has helped me to pay the bills for this month.

but i have also had a lot of free time as well. and i have used that time to hang out w/ my nephew aiden. he is a cute little booger and he drools a tremendous amount.

i’ve also been able to catch up on some work that i haven’t done since i’ve been jumping around. my reality seems to catch up w/ me whenever i’m home. ie. bills and what not.

luckily, i’ve come home at the right time. i have been able to meet up with some great old friends from london who i haven’t seen for a year and a half. i caught up w/ my friends Hubert Kang and Claudia Leisinger a couple of weeks ago. They are both amazing people w/ great talent.

Today, I was able to pick my friend Paige Green. She also has a wonderful blog that inspires me to keep shooting. Once I picked her up from good o’ John Wayne airport, we caught up at my local Irish dive bar and drank guinness that was poured the correct way! It was like being back at a pub in London all over again! I have such fond memories of great conversations about life and photography while I was there. the best part of it were the friends/peers that i shared those with.

and now, one of them, paige is back in my life, only for a week, but i’ll take what i can get. i’ll be assisting her for a couple of days. she’s shooting some university students at Chapman college, which happens to be only 10 min. from me. it’ll be great fun!! She is a wonderful photographer and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to learn from her process. I can’t wait to play!

santa fe

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ana-lauren, a superb friend for the past 15 years. nyc, new york.

caroline, one terrific graphic designer w/ a great sense of humor. nyc, new york.

hannah, a wonderful fashion designer that is helping each of us look better each day. nyc, new york.

grace, an amazing friend who’s work is helping the world. nyc, new york.

steph, i ran into her on the streets of nyc. havent seen her since college. nyc, new york.

genevieve, a jetsetter whom i haven’t seen since college. nyc, new york.
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i just want to thank ana-lauren, caroline, hannah, and grace again for everything! i couldn’t have gone to nyc had they not been kind enough to let me crash on their couches for the past 2 weeks. i had a great time in nyc and learned a tremendous amount from my meetings. but i still have a huge amount of learning to do.

for now, i’m back in santa fe. got back on wed. and will be starting my ‘editorial portrait’ class on sunday. i’m excited and nervous. its scary to put yourself out there, but in this business, if you dont put yourself out, no one will ever let you in.

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