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Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on October 27, 2007

Bus stop. London.
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Hey guys, well, i’m back online. i know its been a while, but i didnt have internet and then the final term of the course started so everything has been a little hectic. We have about a month left before everything is due so i’m trying to get everything together and do my edit. It’s been really frustrating talking to all the tutors. Views are so subjective that everyone says something totally different. As I keep looking at my work over and over, it turns into something that i really loved into something that becomes very lacklustre. It’s been very difficult trying to juggle everything from book design, photographing, and editing. Photography forces you to be a jack of all trades. Its not just about pushing a button. Its about a process in which there is the inception of the idea with an eventual turn into the delivery of your story to your audience, be it multimedia, book, exhibition, magazine, etc etc.  And now, we have very little time to get this to all come together.


Barcelona amb la boja (Barcelona with the crazy one)

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Hey hey hey!!! So i´ve been in Barcelona w/ nuria for the past week and it has been absolutely amazing!!! her family has been wonderfully terrific!! they have fed me some amazing catalan food and i have been able to learn a bit of catalan. the weather has been awesomely sunny!! nuria has introduced me to a lot of her family and friends and everyone has been gigantically kind to me. her mom has cooked some amazing catalan food! nuria cooked earlier tonight, and her dad is cooking tomorrow. so i´ve had it pretty good. i was able to cook for them one night as well. i cant stress enough how good the food has been! it was definitely a needed break from the london environment. and i am recharged to go back and do my work for the course. the above images have nothing to do w/ the course, but it was nice to explore something new. and the colors are amazing in barcelona. its a very dynamic city, but at the same time, very intimate. i can definitely live here. i dont think nuria and her family has come to the realization that because they have been so good to me, that i will be coming back. well, they’ll realize soon enough when i´m at their door knocking. haha! i´m sad to be leaving such a beautiful place, but i know i will come back.   woohoo for barcelona! boohoo for london!

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