Mexico D.F. to San Miguel de Allende

Posted in photo essays, work by Kevin Vu on October 14, 2008

Carlos in his beanie and bicycle helmet. Mexico D.F., Mexico.
© kevin t vu

Hanging around after the pilgrimage. Mexico D.F., Mexico.
©kevin t vu

Manuel standing at an intersection. Mexico D.F., Mexico.
©kevin t vu

We’ve finished the race down to Mexico city!!!! It was an exhilarating ending heading into the city. We came in at 6am to beat the madness of the beast. Police cars were stopping traffic for us as we raced through the streets trying not to get hit by any cars (I believe one bicyclist was hit). We reached ‘La Iglesia Tepeyac.’. It was an amazing feeling as we saw the church come into view w/ the thousands standing and waiting!

From there, they got cleaned up and we had time to get breakfast and do a short walk around the area. I fell behind as they were riding away to the equipment truck. So I ended up walking around in pitch dark w/ some expensive equipment in an area that you dont want to go about. After an hour of searching, I found them and we enjoyed some beers at 9 in the morning to celebrate. From there we went to a mass that was held for the pilgrims. We, then, had lunch and left the city.

It’s weird to not see these guys anymore. I was with them for 3 solid weeks and I loved their company and friendship. I thanked them as I headed off alone.

I want to get my work done so that I can send the images to Juan, Carlos, Luis and their families. It has been a great trip and I’m so glad that they afforded me that opportunity. I hope my images will tell them the many thanks that I didnt say when I was w/ them.

I am now in San Miguel starting another chapter with the Santa Fe Photo Workshops. It has been wonderful to hang out w/ Ren, Anne, Spelman, Tricia and Cristina.



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riding into the storm. mexico.

taking advantage of the early morning cool. mexico.

juan having a laugh. mexico.

dinner time after a long day’s ride. mexico.

still exhausted and need to wake up in 3 hours!

santa ana, mexico

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riding at dawn. mexico.

riding in the early morning. san diego, california.

coffee break. sonora, mexico.

parked bikes sitting against a backdrop of the walled off american border . baja, mexico.

carlos fixing the bike. mexicali, mexico.

getting ready to ride. baja, california.

getting ready to ride. baja, california.

beer break. calexico, california.

juan securing the bikes. santa ana, mexico.
© kevin t vu

exhausted!! but am having a great time. more to come….


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inquisitive child at the fair. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

i have a day left enjoying myself in suburbia. its been lovely to relax and get all my affairs up to speed. i am, however, ready to start the next adventure. and ready to start my next photo-essay. though, i’m working on the home project, i will, likewise, be doing smaller projects to expand my portfolio.

i will be shooting a group a bicyclists traveling from san francisco to mexico city. it should be a great story to shoot and i’m very excited that they have me aboard.

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