The New Year Came in Screaming!!

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on January 25, 2011

Anna in her studio. Downtown Los Angeles, CA
© kevin t vu

Man!! The year came in kickin’ me right over the head!!! I’ve been filling in for my good friend Elaine Brown, who’s Art Streiber’s first assistant. She’s been back in Ireland for most of January and I’ve been in San Francisco, Seattle and Miami. And I’ll be heading to NYC tomorrow morning.  I’m not sure if I want to leave this 80 degree fahrenheit sunny weather in Southern California for NYC weather!

Being Art’s first has taught me a tremendous amount!! That man has his, excuse my language, sh*znit down!! That’s probably why he can have 3 back to back shoots a week!!! Crazy!!! And he’s been absolutely lovely to work for and with!! He respects everyone on his crew and definitely takes care of all of us! He’s what I call good people!! You keep those guys around you, that’s for sure!!!





Posted in projects, work by Kevin Vu on June 11, 2009

No new pictures to be posted because I’ve sold the Nikon and am now cameraless at the moment.  I’ve been starting to work more consistently these days.  I’ve been rotating my time between Frank Ockenfels, Embry Rucker and Art Streiber.

Consistently still means, however, that I do have a crapload of free time on my hands.  So I try to get my own work done, mostly sitting in front of the computer for ages and reading, trying to find stories that might be interesting for me or random photographic news about the new firmware update for the canon 5d mkii.

i might have a new project that claudia got me on board with.  i might be documenting a car rally that goes through 11 eastern european countries.  claudia was gonna do it, until she realized that she would be 6 months into her pregnancy if she did.  so she referred me to the organizers.  i love the community that i’m a part of.  i’m surrounded by people like claudia that helps me w/ ideas, frustrations and life.

i couldn’t be where i am now without the help of so many people.  thank you all!

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Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on April 19, 2009

lauren waking up. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

elliot in his temporary housing while working at the workshops. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

i’ve been back in orange county now for about a week and a half. i’ve been doing some assisting here to survive. hopefully, it’ll get more consistent as i stay in one place longer. as of right now, i’m trying to build my community here in southern california. there’s a huge photographic community from LA that i would love to be a part of. i have some people i truly respect and admire here, ie art streiber and frank ockenfels. so i’m trying to see if they can use some free labor in this economy. frank replied and is gonna try to get me on something and art has been a tremendous help by giving me his time to review my portfolio. the problem is w/ guys like these, they have their own crew they have been working w/ for years. so i’m trying to break into a very tight club. i guess that’s just how it is in the photography world.

on another note, i recently was able to meet up w/ some old friends from london, Hubert Kang and Claudia Leisinger. they both came to LA for work so i was luckily back in town to meet up w/ them. it was so great to see them! we caught up and talked about life and photography. my life has been about building a community wherever i am, and i have been fortunate to have these guys in it. they are smart, talented and help me to move forward in my own work. and so, i am trying to build something more local in southern california.

i will be staying put for a little bit so that i can save up some money to do some projects that i have in mind. i am also trying to build up my portrait portfolio since that can be a great and consistent source of income.

i also am trying to buy the new canon 5d. so i will be selling a NIKON D3 for $4,000 if anyone is interested. i also have a 50 mm 1.4 lens that i would give at a good deal as well. i’ve had the camera for a bit more than 6 months. its in pristine condition. i’m moving back to canon because of the new video offering in the 5d. contact me if you guys are interested at all.


Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on January 9, 2009

the gang from santa fe workshops, san miguel edition. san miguel, mexico.

since i have been back for the past 3 weeks and having come into an unbelievably excruciating amount of free time, i have come to realize that (my) orange county lacks a photographic community. it is one of the most important aspects in where i would choose to live. leaving london was very hard, in that i had an intellectual community that is open to discussions about the relevant and current topics of the field. and so likewise with my peers from santa fe.

and every time i come home from an extended trip, i can feel the lack of community. its as if i come back into a void that drains me of my creativity and passion. i think to myself that i should interpret that into a project, but its hard for me to be inspired. i truly respect those who can interpret and keep reinterpreting the imagery of where they come from.

i have been contacting photographers/editors that i have met while i was in santa fe, and yesterday i was able to meet with ART STREIBER for a portfolio review and meeting. i have to say, the meeting did not start well. i was running 5 minutes late and received a parking citation. not good at all. but thank god, for the good spirit of art to give me his valuable time. i was able to spend a solid hour w/ him looking over some of my new work from mexico. if you don’t know art, he is a photographer w/ amazing talent, professionalism, wit and charm. we looked over my edit and he gave me his insights. i am relieved to say that my work was not hated and he gave me some leads into more contacts. i’m hoping that these steps will help to build my community in southern california.

moving to another subject, PHOTO LA is this weekend. I’ll be heading up to LA this weekend to check it out. It should be interesting to see all the different new talent that is coming into this field as the market is changing.

Patrick Donehue

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on November 9, 2008

Lorena modeling for me. san miguel de allende, mexico.
© kevin t vu

I just finished my week assisting with Patrick Donehue, the director of photography at Corbis. He has been a wealth of information! I feel very fortunate to have met him at this time in my life, especially when I am reflecting on my next career move. He was generous enough to give me insight on my work and career and i’m hoping to take advantage of this opportunity.

I have one more week left here. I will be working w/ jim richardson this week through national geographic expeditions. and then i will be off to meet lauren in mexico city where we’ll set off on our adventure through mexico, belize and guatamala! woohoo!