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Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on May 12, 2009

©kevintvu_020fenced dog. los mochis, mexico. part of project entitled ‘el laberinto.’

what makes us know we’re taking the right choices? how do we know this is the life meant for us? i mean, really, what the fuck? how do we stay confident when there seems to be so many failures?

what does it really mean to be a part of something more than yourself? it sounds so courageous and poetic, that line. we try to live our lives being ‘a part of something more’. but what happens when all things go to hell in front of you? what happens when you lose that something or that someone that you never had? where do you go from there? where do i go from here?


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Self-Portrait in front of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. Washington D.C.


Its time for a change in the look and feel of this blog.

I find the self-portrait above really interesting.  I think the picture could be improved.  It borders too abstract.  But I like the metaphor.  Its a reference to my Vietnamese heritage and how I was raised in the western world.  My physiognomy says I’m Vietnamese, but if you look passed it (ie. looking pass the war memorial), you can see that I’m a westerner (the people wearing western clothing).

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aiden hanging out ready for some food. orange, california.
© kevin t vu

me hanging out. don’t judge. orange, california.
© kevin t vu

i’m ready for my impromptu photoshoot! orange, california.
© kevin t vu

hanging out w/ mommy. orange, california.
© kevin t vu

so, since i’ve been home, the family has been telling me that aiden, my month-old nephew, looks like me. i figured its because of the balding head. i decided to do a study of our physiognomies. i added the bib to try to keep all the variables constant. so what do u think?

the other images were just me playing in some natural light w/ aiden.

passing time

Posted in personal, projects, work by Kevin Vu on September 5, 2008

self-portrait, no photoshop. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

donnor, good friend, great shooter. el dorado, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

ella, the cutest little girl that i have ever known. fort collins, colorado.
© kevin t vu

mignon ohmura, one of my favorite people in the world! el dorado, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

so its been an absolute while since i have written on the blog. i’ve wanted to for so long, but its just been quite hectic. closing week for the workshops was unbelievably busy. we had to ship hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment back to vendors and/or participants who purchased gear. and we had to repackage everything. so it was quite a tedious and daunting task for me and the gang. but it was accomplished and i’m a more relaxed man for it.

right when the workshop ended, my friend lauren and i headed straight up to fort collins, about an hour north of denver and about an 8 hour drive from santa fe, to meet with my amazing irish friend anne, with whom i went to school with in london. her family had taken a vacation and i wanted to catch them before they left the states. so we had about an hour and a half to catch up before their ride picked them up for the airport. it was so good to see her and the family again. i love them dearly, as i consider them family. all in all, lauren and i drove about 16 hours to have an hour and a half lunch. but it was all worth it! lauren and i then decided to hang out in denver before we headed back. denver seemed like a lovely city with a lot of things going on. would have loved to stay a little longer to explore the place, but i needed to get back.

once i got back to santa fe, i had one sunday to pack up all my gear because i needed to be out of my flat. so i packed everything and left my car at my buddy’s mike sakas’ place. his roommate, donnor, and i drove across country to buffalo, new york. we had a great time! we slept in a skeazy motel and i had the best fried chicken of my life in memphis. and the back roads from memphis to tennessee were absolutely amazing! it made me want to move to tennessee. i stayed in buffalo for about two weeks. donnor’s family has a cabin up there so i was able to unwind, which meant we were tubing, floating on the pond, jet skiing, eating, photographing and drinking very heavily. his family was downright awesome! i felt like a son, even though there was a confederate flag flying about. and i was able to pull a photo essay out of his family which i will incorporate into my ‘home’ project. i will post it up w/in the next week or so to get some feedback.

i have written quite a novel today so i will end it here and continue tomorrow. hope that will suffice for u paige green. miss ya!