finding direction

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 26, 2008

sand. tulum, mexico.
© kevin t vu

i’ve been reading the book outliers by malcolm gladwell. its been a catharsis for my own self-reflection and how i see the road ahead of me. i’m only a thirds way through, but in it, he explains the circumstances by which one becomes an ‘outlier’ (ie. hugely famous/successful). he further goes into it by describing that many successful people have an average of 10,000 hours, roughly ten years, of hard work and dedication in their respective fields.

first, i wonder to myself, do i have the skill set, timing and circumstances to become a successful photographer? and second, looking at my own experience, starting w/ london and my graduate work which was ’07. and it now being days away to ’09. the realization that i have 8 more years, if i survive that amount of time, and then maybe…. maybe i’ll be a successful photographer, can be a bit daunting to swallow.


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happy holidays!!!

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 25, 2008

having dinner w/ lauren. quetzaltenango, guatemala.
© kevin t vu

we made our way back home last friday. the flight arrived to LA at 830 am. my mother picked lauren and i up and shuttled us to my sister’s place. from there, we cleaned up and did some laundry. lauren and i then left for santa cruz at 430, just in time for the southern california traffic. in all, it took us about 7-8 hours of travel.

it was great to hang out w/ lauren’s family. they are so kind and giving. i was able to see them cut the christmas tree, which i think is a great family tradition! the weather was frigid up north, it definitely made it feel like winter/fall.

the best part of coming home was seeing my newborn nephew!!! i was trying to make it back for the birth, which took 32 hrs (ouch!!), but they had to induce my sis a week early. so i came back to a beautiful nephew named aiden! he’s a cute little booger. sleeps an awful lot though.

as for now, i am home and trying to get things in order. traveling throws so many parts of my life into disarray, that once i get home, i have to put the pieces together. and a lot of times, i come back w/ new pieces. its been a great trip and i havent been home really for six months. so it’ll be good to spend some time here.

i hope everyone has a happy holiday and that i’ll be able to chat w/ u all soon! love.

heading home

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 18, 2008

dog walking past the ruins of chichen itza. chichen itza, mexico.
© kevin t vu

we are on our last days of the trip. i’ve gone full circle and am now back in san miguel de allende. it’s weird being here w/ lauren and not w/ those from the s.m. workshops. i’m in the same place, but making new memories and experiences.

we fly back to california early friday morning. didnt have enough time to make it all the way back before christmas and did not want to do the 42 hr bus ride from here. in 2 days, i will have to come back to reality and realize that i am unemployed, like so many others in our economy today.


Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 7, 2008

bar scene. quetzaltenango, guatemala.
© kevin t vu

we are making our way back up to mexico tomorrow. its going to be a long bus ride and i always hate the hectic state of things at international borders. its half way into the trip now and i cant believe i’ll be home in two weeks. it will be great to see some familiar faces for the holidays!!

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making headway

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 2, 2008

lauren swimming. tulum, mexico.
© kevin t vu

lauren checking out the view from our cabana. lago de bacalar, mexico.
© kevin t vu

we have made our way through the yucatan peninsula, belize, and am now in guatemala. it has been quite an adventure and we’re learning loads from each other. the land we have seen and the people we have met have been remarkable. we’ve been to a couple of world heritage sites and have relaxed in some crystal clear waters. we went scuba diving in the world’s second largest reef yesterday in belize. all this and all i have now is two plastic point and shoot film cameras, one for color, the other b/w. i had to return the d3 to the workshops so i had to make due w/ something else. so i am now back to shooting film and seeing where these images and way of shooting takes me. i have no clear idea of where i’ll go as i currently have no parameters. but i’m hoping to narrow it down as i go, as per usual.

unfortunately, we had to skip thanksgiving in the states. i always get sad for missing thanksgiving due to the fact that it is my favorite holiday. i had to settle for fried chicken w/ fries while lauren had some belizian fried fish.

we have three weeks to go and will make it back to california before christmas. that should give me a short enough fix to fill my traveling addiction for a bit. but u never know!