back to work

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on July 16, 2009

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lauren enjoying a sunday lunch in the garden. santa fe, new mexico.
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i’m back now in southern california. came back for work. i drove the 12 hours straight on monday. thought i had a job on tuesday and wednesday, but that fell through. though, we’re doing a prelight tomorrow for a movie poster at fox studios on friday. frank might also have another job on sat/sun. but that is still pending confirmation.

i went to pick up my film from the lab today and about a mile out from making it back home, my car dies! i’m not quite sure what’s wrong. it’s an electrical problem and i hope its just the battery, which is charging as i write. otherwise, its gonna be hard to make it to work in LA tomorrow without a car. fingers crossed!

i’ve been loving shooting in film. there’s such a magical quality to it, very childlike, not knowing what you’re gonna get. and the colors and grain of it are gorgeous. my next business purchase is going to have to be a scanner for myself.


settling in

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on May 7, 2009


light coming through a window on lauren devon. mexico d.f., mexico.


i cant believe it is 5 months into 2009! i’ve decided that the next half of this year is going to be dedicated to my business as a photographer. i need to work on the business side and build on the relationships that i have here in southern california. there’s a huge, albeit saturated, market. i need to be in one place for a bit so that i can build on my client relationships. therefore, i’m going to hunker down for a bit. that means no frivolous traveling or spending. lets see how i do.

getting a move on…

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lauren driving.  santa fe, new mexico.


things have been busy this past week and last.  i’ve been working/assisting and working on some personal projects.  i’m hoping to get more steady work as I stay in one place more consistently.  i’m also able to update my blog more often, as you can see in the last couple of days.  i’ve also made up my mind, with paige’s prodding, to put up a website by the end of this next month.  its been a long time coming, but i need to just put one up.  i just dont want to dilute my work with filler pictures.  it needs to be a solid website that has a cohesive body of work.  i want it to have direction.


Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on April 19, 2009

lauren waking up. santa fe, new mexico.
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elliot in his temporary housing while working at the workshops. santa fe, new mexico.
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i’ve been back in orange county now for about a week and a half. i’ve been doing some assisting here to survive. hopefully, it’ll get more consistent as i stay in one place longer. as of right now, i’m trying to build my community here in southern california. there’s a huge photographic community from LA that i would love to be a part of. i have some people i truly respect and admire here, ie art streiber and frank ockenfels. so i’m trying to see if they can use some free labor in this economy. frank replied and is gonna try to get me on something and art has been a tremendous help by giving me his time to review my portfolio. the problem is w/ guys like these, they have their own crew they have been working w/ for years. so i’m trying to break into a very tight club. i guess that’s just how it is in the photography world.

on another note, i recently was able to meet up w/ some old friends from london, Hubert Kang and Claudia Leisinger. they both came to LA for work so i was luckily back in town to meet up w/ them. it was so great to see them! we caught up and talked about life and photography. my life has been about building a community wherever i am, and i have been fortunate to have these guys in it. they are smart, talented and help me to move forward in my own work. and so, i am trying to build something more local in southern california.

i will be staying put for a little bit so that i can save up some money to do some projects that i have in mind. i am also trying to build up my portrait portfolio since that can be a great and consistent source of income.

i also am trying to buy the new canon 5d. so i will be selling a NIKON D3 for $4,000 if anyone is interested. i also have a 50 mm 1.4 lens that i would give at a good deal as well. i’ve had the camera for a bit more than 6 months. its in pristine condition. i’m moving back to canon because of the new video offering in the 5d. contact me if you guys are interested at all.


Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on March 9, 2009

lauren and alyssa at the railyard restaurant. santa fe, new mexico.

mignon in her kitchen. el dorado, new mexico.

renie in her home office. arroyo hondo, new mexico.

nerissa at the cowgirl bar. santa fe, new mexico.
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these unbelievable women have been my family for the last month that i was in santa fe. they were kind in so many ways. they opened their homes to me, fed me, found me work, gotten me in contact w/ amazing photographers/editors, and pushed me to be a better person and photographer. their strength, confidence and warmth have been an inspiration for me!!! i only hope they know how much love and respect i have for them all!!

it has been quite a hectic couple of weeks, and it seemed to come at me all at once. i left santa fe last wed. I came home and went to an assisting gig for O’neill w/ Embry Rucker. A day later, I had to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to do a shoot for a buddy of mine.

I will be going to the nyc on wed. to go get my portfolio reviewed w/ Stephen Mayes, who is the new managing director for vii. I have no expectations, all i hope is stephen will endow me with some great advice so i can make millions and millions of dollars! haha!

i also got in contact w/ brenna britton, who’s the deputy photo editor of people magazine, to see some of my new work as well. she’s from california and i met her at the workshops. she’s an absolute professional and i know i’ll get some great feedback!

i’ll be in nyc for 2 weeks and fly back to santa fe, where i’ll be taking a workshop w/ Gillian Laub and Kira Pollack, who is the deputy photo editor for the ny times magazine.

so its gonna be quite a hectic month for me, but i am breathing every second of it in.