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riding into the storm. mexico.

taking advantage of the early morning cool. mexico.

juan having a laugh. mexico.

dinner time after a long day’s ride. mexico.

still exhausted and need to wake up in 3 hours!


Culiacan, Mexico

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kids wondering about our bike trip. los mochis, mexico.

we’ve made our way slowly from pueblo to pueblo, town to town. it been exhausting, energizing, hot, sweaty, and thrilling. we slept on the beach the past two days where we there were definitely some characters. it wasnt exactly the safest beach, at least one that i normally wouldnt go to, but these guys know what they’re doing and i trust them whole-heartedly. i’ve learned from sleeping on the beach that i’m the equivalent to a mexican pinata in the life of a mosquito. i have at least 60 bites all over my body. it’s as if i had chicken pox all over again. i wore long sleeves, shoes, and sprayed myself like no other w/ mosquito repellent. none to any avail however. so i’m a bit paranoid of mosquitoes as of right now. my new pet peeve is the sound they make when they’re by your ear…buzzzzzzz. i hate it!!!!!

we’ve had an amazing time so far. these guys pedal about 130 miles each day in the blazing sun of the desert. i follow behind in the truck. the scenery has been gorgeous and i’ve been able to get into places that i would have never gotten into had i not known these guys. they are all so very kind and generous and are letting me pay for very little. so i have to give them money anyway i can, sometimes in the form beers.

we will be heading to mazatlan tomorrow. hopefully it wont rain tomorrow because it started raining right when we got into our hotel. usually i’m pretty cool about camping, but now, mosquitoes just freak me out. so i am loving the air-conditioned rooms of the hotels. and they are very cheap as well.

our plan is to end in mexico d.f. by the 11th, where i will leave them and head to san miguel de allende where i start my job w/ the workshops again. once that is done, lauren will be flying down to meet me and we will be backpacking back up to california. so these past months have been excruciatingly fun and busy and i am loving every minute of it!

santa ana, mexico

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riding at dawn. mexico.

riding in the early morning. san diego, california.

coffee break. sonora, mexico.

parked bikes sitting against a backdrop of the walled off american border . baja, mexico.

carlos fixing the bike. mexicali, mexico.

getting ready to ride. baja, california.

getting ready to ride. baja, california.

beer break. calexico, california.

juan securing the bikes. santa ana, mexico.
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exhausted!! but am having a great time. more to come….


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I’m sitting on The Ground Trying To Get Any Shade I Can From The Car. We’re Sitting Right Next To The Border. We Had To Stay A Night While We Were Waiting For The Car Permits To Come Thru. Hopefully It Will Today And then We Can Make Our Way more South. The Trip So Far has Been Thrilling And Insightful! i’m With 3 Mexican Brothers And their Brother In Law. They Have Been very Welcoming And Kind. The Landscapes And quality Of Light We’ve Been traveling Through Have Been beautiful. I am Def, Enjoying Myself. The Other Day, We Had A Breakfast Of Menudo And Beer. It Can’t Get That Much Better. As I am Using My Phone For Internet, There’s No Way For Me To Upload Photos. And After We Go Further South, I’m Not Sure If My Phone Will Work Either, But If It Does, I’ll Keep You Updated.


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inquisitive child at the fair. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

i have a day left enjoying myself in suburbia. its been lovely to relax and get all my affairs up to speed. i am, however, ready to start the next adventure. and ready to start my next photo-essay. though, i’m working on the home project, i will, likewise, be doing smaller projects to expand my portfolio.

i will be shooting a group a bicyclists traveling from san francisco to mexico city. it should be a great story to shoot and i’m very excited that they have me aboard.

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