Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on February 23, 2008

this is what i have been working on. i’m helping them out with some design/site stuff. i set up 2 sites for them and hope you guys can go visit them:

they are used to raise awareness of the prevailing situation for women and children in the congo. i hope u can take the time to check it out. it’s designed w/ the grassroots movement in mind. wat u do is just load a self-portrait on the flickr group. this demonstrates that you are starting to be aware and that you are taking a stand against the violence.  so please support!!!

On another note, i’ve been busy going around southern cal. w/ my welsh friend kate. she was here for a week so i figured we would do the normal southern californian stuff.  beaches, shopping, beaches, shopping, etc.  it was good seeing her as i haven’t seen her for several years.  she’s in mexico now and will be traveling around for some time now.  i have to say, i was very jealous.  me being stuck here and she’s doing the traveling thing.  i can never seem to scratch the travel bug.  it always comes back.  i have to recharge my bank account first, however, before i can even begin to fathom the traveling idea.

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