to the new year!

Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on December 25, 2009

lauren in the garden. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope this holiday season finds you all w/ those you love and cherish!

As for me, It’s been an absolute hectic winter season. Work has been relentless and consistent. I’m working and making contacts w/ some great people and i am moving forward in my own work everyday. The year has flown by and it has been an utter roller coaster ride.

I finally saved enough money to buy the canon 5d mk ii w/ the 50mm 1.2f lens. its being delivered as we speak and i cant wait to get my hands on it. my next lens will be the 24mm 1.4f, but i will have to work a little more in order to get that bad boy. i’ve fallen in love with prime lenses and i dont think i could go back to a zoom. but we know that all this gear and technical stuff is always secondary to one’s creative vision.

working w/ frank these last couple of months has taught me an incredible amount in photography. w/ frank, light is a conversation. each shaft of light is a sentence. and we piece all those sentences together to start the conversation w/ the viewer. its the suggestion of his portraits that make them so powerful.

and he’s been absolutely gracious! he’s helped w/ my photographic vision and has helped me to get shooting and assisting work w/ other photographers. and he’s giving me a print of my choice for a christmas present. i’ve narrowed it down to three and am gonna let him make the final choice of which one he wants to give me.

so if you happen to be in LA, i would suggest 2 current exhibitions on display that you dont want to miss! the first is irving penn at the getty center. and the 2nd is frank’s at the icon.  you can see some images of franks exhibition on his website.

cheers to a new year!! i hope it brings us all success, in every capacity of the word!


wanting more

Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on December 5, 2009

hanging out w/ mary on a southern california sunday. west hollywood, california.

© kevin t vu

i can’t believe that the year is drawing to a close so soon. this time last year, i was in guatemala traveling w/ lauren. i have grown a tremendous amount this year and it has been a journey w/ so many twists and turns, bumps and bruises. but everyone of those turns have made me a better person and photographer.

this blog has been an incredible asset for me. it has enabled me to document my experiences. just as in my photography, i don’t do it for anyone except myself. for me, the blog is a tool for growth. i am able to look back and see how far i have come and how much further i have to go.

am i reaching for success?  for money?  or is it satisfaction w/ my life? i feel society presses me to understand ‘success’ as something finite. do i consider myself successful? is it a place to be at? somewhere that i can come to and relax? in my understanding, i see ‘success’ as a progression. success is the drive that pushes me to be a better person, a better photographer, a better friend, a better whatever. am i successful?! Definitely!! i strive everyday to be better! and i surround myself with those that pushes me to be better.  i find complacency lends itself to mediocrity.

” If you compromise what you’re trying to do just a little bit, you’ll end up compromising a little more the next day or the next week, and when you lift your head you’re suddenly really far away from where you’re trying to go.”

– Spike Jonze