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summer in california. © kevin t vu

it’s summer and the 4th of july is this saturday. so i’m heading out. gonna drive to santa fe to visit some friends, do some odd jobs and celebrate the 4th. then i’m not sure where i’m heading next. might just drive back home or just keep going east.

i’ve switched back to film and will be shooting it on this trip. i have no idea what story i’ll be shooting, but i head out early tomorrow morning and all i have in mind is a photographic journal of my trip. i’m excited to be shooting on film again! it’s been a while. we’ll see how it turns out.



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©kevintvu_020fenced dog. los mochis, mexico. part of project entitled ‘el laberinto.’

what makes us know we’re taking the right choices? how do we know this is the life meant for us? i mean, really, what the fuck? how do we stay confident when there seems to be so many failures?

what does it really mean to be a part of something more than yourself? it sounds so courageous and poetic, that line. we try to live our lives being ‘a part of something more’. but what happens when all things go to hell in front of you? what happens when you lose that something or that someone that you never had? where do you go from there? where do i go from here?


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driving. el dorado, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

i’m still in santa fe. have been doing some odd-end jobs for the workshops like modeling and cataloging images. will be heading home wed. night. still trying to figure out life.

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wild grass field. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

i left for santa fe a week ago. i’m here to visit some friends and have no plans for the immediate future. i have been couch surfing and today i slept in a borrowed car parked on the residences of a friends, whose house was locked, all the while with snow drifting outside.

i am jobless and moneyless and am living the life of a gypsy. people ask questions about my future and i have no concrete answers. i’m living day to day and enjoying every last bit of being in an agonizing limbo.