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a mexican’s night street scene. mexico. from ‘el laberinto’ series.





up & down

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caballero passing on the road. mexico. from ‘el laberinto’ series.


life has been hard and i dont think it’s going to get any easier. but i’ve been fortunate in my life to have a community that is enduring. trying to make it in photography is arduous. so i make sure to have a community of family and peers that will help me keep the faith, the faith in my vision and the faith that my passion with get me somewhere.

you need the belief that your passion and vision will last the purge. i’ve doubted so many times this past year. (just look at my previous post.)  but when i’ve gotten close to the edge, something/someone has always come to take me back. its about survival and scrapping it out for now. doing whatever is needed of you/me, be it getting coffee or taking out the trash for someone or some photographer. do it with passion and joy and people will see it.  but remember, do it with purpose.  dont ever be complacent about where you are in life.  

i was taught some valuable lessons from my football coaches during high school.  one of them was: ‘never settle for mediocrity.’



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©kevintvu_020fenced dog. los mochis, mexico. part of project entitled ‘el laberinto.’

what makes us know we’re taking the right choices? how do we know this is the life meant for us? i mean, really, what the fuck? how do we stay confident when there seems to be so many failures?

what does it really mean to be a part of something more than yourself? it sounds so courageous and poetic, that line. we try to live our lives being ‘a part of something more’. but what happens when all things go to hell in front of you? what happens when you lose that something or that someone that you never had? where do you go from there? where do i go from here?


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Self-Portrait in front of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial. Washington D.C.


Its time for a change in the look and feel of this blog.

I find the self-portrait above really interesting.  I think the picture could be improved.  It borders too abstract.  But I like the metaphor.  Its a reference to my Vietnamese heritage and how I was raised in the western world.  My physiognomy says I’m Vietnamese, but if you look passed it (ie. looking pass the war memorial), you can see that I’m a westerner (the people wearing western clothing).

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heading home

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dog walking past the ruins of chichen itza. chichen itza, mexico.
© kevin t vu

we are on our last days of the trip. i’ve gone full circle and am now back in san miguel de allende. it’s weird being here w/ lauren and not w/ those from the s.m. workshops. i’m in the same place, but making new memories and experiences.

we fly back to california early friday morning. didnt have enough time to make it all the way back before christmas and did not want to do the 42 hr bus ride from here. in 2 days, i will have to come back to reality and realize that i am unemployed, like so many others in our economy today.