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Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on June 19, 2009

artists and gallerists enjoy a wonderfully prepared dinner. silver lake, los angeles.

I was invited to a lovely dinner recently attended by artists and gallerists. my friend lily siegel works for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and she had the brilliant idea of creating ‘Extraordinary Rendition.’ It is where a combination of artists come together to enjoy great food and conversation. Artists, chefs and gallerists are all participants. At this dinner, the artists came early and painted the table. The chefs did there magic in the kitchen. And the gallerists came to enjoy everything whilst creating a great discussion. I had a great time and can’t wait for the next one!

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Posted in projects, work by Kevin Vu on June 11, 2009

No new pictures to be posted because I’ve sold the Nikon and am now cameraless at the moment.  I’ve been starting to work more consistently these days.  I’ve been rotating my time between Frank Ockenfels, Embry Rucker and Art Streiber.

Consistently still means, however, that I do have a crapload of free time on my hands.  So I try to get my own work done, mostly sitting in front of the computer for ages and reading, trying to find stories that might be interesting for me or random photographic news about the new firmware update for the canon 5d mkii.

i might have a new project that claudia got me on board with.  i might be documenting a car rally that goes through 11 eastern european countries.  claudia was gonna do it, until she realized that she would be 6 months into her pregnancy if she did.  so she referred me to the organizers.  i love the community that i’m a part of.  i’m surrounded by people like claudia that helps me w/ ideas, frustrations and life.

i couldn’t be where i am now without the help of so many people.  thank you all!

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Posted in work by Kevin Vu on June 4, 2009


I’ve been working on my website.  And I finished it today!!  I hope you guys like it.  As always, comments and critiques are always useful.  Woohoo!!