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aiden running around the house. orange, ca.
© kevin t vu

to be honest, a lot of my friends have gotten married over the years, and a lot of them i’ve missed. but fortunately, i was able to attend my good friend’s melissa’s wedding this past weekend at the long beach aquarium.

frankly, i’m not a big fan of going to weddings. but i thoroughly enjoyed myself at this one. and that was due to melissa’s and mark’s genuineness of love (not to say that other weddings dont have that). but there was a love that permeated the room. a love that their families and friends could share with them.

and i was fortunate enough to take part in the festivities. celebrations like these help me to be optimistic about the world.


happy holidays!!!

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having dinner w/ lauren. quetzaltenango, guatemala.
© kevin t vu

we made our way back home last friday. the flight arrived to LA at 830 am. my mother picked lauren and i up and shuttled us to my sister’s place. from there, we cleaned up and did some laundry. lauren and i then left for santa cruz at 430, just in time for the southern california traffic. in all, it took us about 7-8 hours of travel.

it was great to hang out w/ lauren’s family. they are so kind and giving. i was able to see them cut the christmas tree, which i think is a great family tradition! the weather was frigid up north, it definitely made it feel like winter/fall.

the best part of coming home was seeing my newborn nephew!!! i was trying to make it back for the birth, which took 32 hrs (ouch!!), but they had to induce my sis a week early. so i came back to a beautiful nephew named aiden! he’s a cute little booger. sleeps an awful lot though.

as for now, i am home and trying to get things in order. traveling throws so many parts of my life into disarray, that once i get home, i have to put the pieces together. and a lot of times, i come back w/ new pieces. its been a great trip and i havent been home really for six months. so it’ll be good to spend some time here.

i hope everyone has a happy holiday and that i’ll be able to chat w/ u all soon! love.


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jessica relaxing in between photo shoots. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

been home for a day now. actually, i dont really have a home anymore. my mom sold the house i spent my childhood in while i was in santa fe. so everything has been moved out, and my things have been placed in my sister’s garage. and i am now in her guest bedroom. i am officially a gypsy.

talking about home, i want to further explain my ‘home’ project. if you’ve seen my london work, you know that it was a very cold, elusive, weighted and detached story. it was a personal description of my time there. but since then, i have always thought about the idea of ‘home.’ what makes a place ‘home?’ (be it physical or mental.) is home the tangibles or the intangibles, or a pinch of both? i wanted to think and shoot in a totally different capacity. at first, the story was quite unfocused. i was just shooting anything w/ the idea of ‘home’ in my mind. i jumped from a holga camera, to a medium format hasselblad and finally back to my 35mm. i did know that i wanted to shoot in color. i wanted to think in color, to draw upon the vivacity of the idea of ‘home.’ i’ve narrowed down to shooting 35mm color digital w/ the nikon d3. i’m still trying to narrow the story further, to try to extract a main thesis for the essay. but i guess i’m still in the rough draft phase.

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John Patterson

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John sitting in his council estate apartment.  Elephant and Castle, London.
© Kevin T. Vu

This is one of the portraits that i’ve done for my Elephant and Castle project. I’ve worked with four families and john was one of the people that was kind enough to have me in his home. i’m still in the process of finishing everything up which will be turned in on friday.