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aiden hanging out ready for some food. orange, california.
© kevin t vu

me hanging out. don’t judge. orange, california.
© kevin t vu

i’m ready for my impromptu photoshoot! orange, california.
© kevin t vu

hanging out w/ mommy. orange, california.
© kevin t vu

so, since i’ve been home, the family has been telling me that aiden, my month-old nephew, looks like me. i figured its because of the balding head. i decided to do a study of our physiognomies. i added the bib to try to keep all the variables constant. so what do u think?

the other images were just me playing in some natural light w/ aiden.


The Cleansing

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looking for more. coba, mexico.
© kevin t vu

this is a great piece that i absolutely agree with!!! let the cleansing finish so that great imagery can re-emerge, and the exceptional image makers can take their deserved credit! (and of course, this applies to only those who call themselves professionals)

From Thoughts of a Bohemian:

“It is everyone’s understanding that the price of photography will continue to dip down. How soon and how fast, it is anyone’s guess. It would absolutely not surprise me if someone like Getty would take a deep plunge into bottom cheap imagery in order to get rid of any competition and clean the landscape, a bit like a whale plunges deep below to get rid of parasite fish, only to return to a new, stronger marketplace. Everyone knows that there is too much photography available, both in stock and editorial. It is time to force the medium and lesser photographers and agencies into a rapid bankruptcy in order to sanitize the offering.

Let me step back and explain: The market, currently, offers the false impression that anyone can make money in the photography field. Since it has become easy and cheap to enter, everyone and his brother is now either a photographer or a stock agent. Since there is no tangible market research on the size of our industry, $2 billion, $5 billion, $3000 billion, it is anyone guess on what the payout will be. If someone paid attention, I am sure that we would see that there has been more stock agencies of all type launched in the last five years then at anytime in its brief history. And it is only growing exponentially. More agencies, more photographers, more photographers, less relevant images. It seems that there is money to be made because of Microstocks and Flickr’s successes. And as much is there might be an increase in the number of images used in one year, there has not been an increase of revenue generated by this spike. It has been almost cancelled by the fall in pricing and Getty has been a witness to that.

The only way to really profit from that growth would be to get rid of the overflow of images. And the best way is to force as many people out of the market as possible, as quickly as possible.”


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the gang from santa fe workshops, san miguel edition. san miguel, mexico.

since i have been back for the past 3 weeks and having come into an unbelievably excruciating amount of free time, i have come to realize that (my) orange county lacks a photographic community. it is one of the most important aspects in where i would choose to live. leaving london was very hard, in that i had an intellectual community that is open to discussions about the relevant and current topics of the field. and so likewise with my peers from santa fe.

and every time i come home from an extended trip, i can feel the lack of community. its as if i come back into a void that drains me of my creativity and passion. i think to myself that i should interpret that into a project, but its hard for me to be inspired. i truly respect those who can interpret and keep reinterpreting the imagery of where they come from.

i have been contacting photographers/editors that i have met while i was in santa fe, and yesterday i was able to meet with ART STREIBER for a portfolio review and meeting. i have to say, the meeting did not start well. i was running 5 minutes late and received a parking citation. not good at all. but thank god, for the good spirit of art to give me his valuable time. i was able to spend a solid hour w/ him looking over some of my new work from mexico. if you don’t know art, he is a photographer w/ amazing talent, professionalism, wit and charm. we looked over my edit and he gave me his insights. i am relieved to say that my work was not hated and he gave me some leads into more contacts. i’m hoping that these steps will help to build my community in southern california.

moving to another subject, PHOTO LA is this weekend. I’ll be heading up to LA this weekend to check it out. It should be interesting to see all the different new talent that is coming into this field as the market is changing.