The New Year Came in Screaming!!

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on January 25, 2011

Anna in her studio. Downtown Los Angeles, CA
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Man!! The year came in kickin’ me right over the head!!! I’ve been filling in for my good friend Elaine Brown, who’s Art Streiber’s first assistant. She’s been back in Ireland for most of January and I’ve been in San Francisco, Seattle and Miami. And I’ll be heading to NYC tomorrow morning.  I’m not sure if I want to leave this 80 degree fahrenheit sunny weather in Southern California for NYC weather!

Being Art’s first has taught me a tremendous amount!! That man has his, excuse my language, sh*znit down!! That’s probably why he can have 3 back to back shoots a week!!! Crazy!!! And he’s been absolutely lovely to work for and with!! He respects everyone on his crew and definitely takes care of all of us! He’s what I call good people!! You keep those guys around you, that’s for sure!!!




keeping focus

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on November 15, 2010

portrait of jess. los angeles, ca.
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i feel like i’m a headless chicken at times, running around working for so many different photographers. i find that as i get busier assisting photographers, i begin to lose touch with my own work. so i’ve started to commit more to myself and my own work. i can only assist for so long and that so long is getting shorter each day.

its so easy to get into a routine, but you have to remind yourself to shake it up here and there. to stay fresh. to stay driven.

i force myself to stop every so often ( but not enough) so that i can take a step back, and evaluate how far i’ve come and how far i still have to go. there is still so much to accomplish. and i’m super excited for what the future holds!

moving forward

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on August 30, 2010

florian and elheme. coubron, france.

© kevin t vu

i can’t believe that we’re gonna be in september of 2010 already! how fast this year has gone! i just got back from san francisco shooting some video for an advertising campaign. embry rucker was the director and photographer. he brought me along to be the director of photography. i had an amazing time shooting video for him! i love working w/ embry because he has such a great mentality on set! i always love being a part of his crew!

assisting has been consistent income for the past year or so. but i’ve gotten complacent from the stability. i’m ready to head off towards a new direction. its scary and daunting, but i am so excited about my possibilities! i’m confident in my ability to manage a set and get the picture for the client. therefore, i’m committing myself to the act of shooting. and not just shooting, but having amazing clients that pay me to shoot subjects that i want to shoot! here we go!!!

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Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on March 18, 2010

portrait of heath. lompoc, ca.
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work has been relentless since january. i’m incredibly exhausted from overworking myself.   i assisted 2 shoots yesterday and ended up sleeping for an hour and a half before waking up to work the next day. i’m realizing that i’m pushing my body a bit too hard so i’ll be scaling back. its just so hard to say ‘no’ to work when you freelance and especially in a market such as ours. i cant really complain though.

i’m able to save the money that i’m making and pay the credit debt i’ve accrued over the years. i’m also able to buy equipment for myself. i honestly have to say though that i’m not shooting as much. thats the line the you have to walk when u assist. i’m making sure to stay focused so that i don’t fall into the career assistant rut. its definitely easy to keep doing this as the money can be decent and consistent. but its not the end all and i have to keep that in mind as i travel down this path.

“Stop looking for more business! The most important thing is to reinvent what it is you sell and to overwhelm your current clients with the experience they encounter when they engage you. This is what word of mouth will come from. Not from better photos, not from a better brochure, not from a cheaper price.”

~ Seth Godin

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Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on January 2, 2010

portrait of mary. los angeles, california.
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I truly believe that if you’re passionate enough about something and if you have the resolve to commit to it, then you can indubitably achieve it.

I understand the tradition of having new year’s resolutions, but why must it be the ‘new year’ for us to have purpose. If that must be the case, then let it be a new year everyday!

Lets be resolute in our ambitions and make everyday be a day of purposeful objective!

“The real truth is always found in the moment, never in the future. Sadly, not everybody is cut out for thriving in the present tense. Life is unfair.”

~ Hugh Macleod