Portraits of Santa Fe

Posted in personal, projects, work by Kevin Vu on August 3, 2008

Drinks at the Pink Adobe. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Summer’s evening by the fire. El Dorado, New Mexico.

New Mexican summer’s night. El Dorado, New Mexico.

Brunch on a lovely summer’s Sunday. Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Its been an absolutely arduous and demanding season! I’ve made contacts, slept very little and drank my liver to the ground. I’ve learned exponentially about lighting, but what I’ve received mostly is the clear idea of what kind of a photographer I want to be and not be. Photography is a people business and I dont understand the, sometimes, blatant disregard for a person and their dignity, be it they are staff, participants or people w/in the community opening their time and space up for us to shoot. So, pretty much, I realized that I dont want to become a dick.

We have one week left of workshops left, and then cleanup week starts. From there, I will probably head up straight to Colorado to meet with my good friend Anne and her family who are visiting from London. After that, I will be doing another roadtrip w/ my buddy Donner (pictured in the top image). We’ll be headed to Buffalo, New York. I’ve never been, but it should be a great opportunity to get some images of America.

I’m still working w/ the idea of ‘home’ for my current documentary story. I haven’t had a chance to develop it further considering my time constraints. But it is still in my head and I’m developing it slowly.