Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on March 1, 2009

driving. el dorado, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

i’m still in santa fe. have been doing some odd-end jobs for the workshops like modeling and cataloging images. will be heading home wed. night. still trying to figure out life.

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Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on January 9, 2009

the gang from santa fe workshops, san miguel edition. san miguel, mexico.

since i have been back for the past 3 weeks and having come into an unbelievably excruciating amount of free time, i have come to realize that (my) orange county lacks a photographic community. it is one of the most important aspects in where i would choose to live. leaving london was very hard, in that i had an intellectual community that is open to discussions about the relevant and current topics of the field. and so likewise with my peers from santa fe.

and every time i come home from an extended trip, i can feel the lack of community. its as if i come back into a void that drains me of my creativity and passion. i think to myself that i should interpret that into a project, but its hard for me to be inspired. i truly respect those who can interpret and keep reinterpreting the imagery of where they come from.

i have been contacting photographers/editors that i have met while i was in santa fe, and yesterday i was able to meet with ART STREIBER for a portfolio review and meeting. i have to say, the meeting did not start well. i was running 5 minutes late and received a parking citation. not good at all. but thank god, for the good spirit of art to give me his valuable time. i was able to spend a solid hour w/ him looking over some of my new work from mexico. if you don’t know art, he is a photographer w/ amazing talent, professionalism, wit and charm. we looked over my edit and he gave me his insights. i am relieved to say that my work was not hated and he gave me some leads into more contacts. i’m hoping that these steps will help to build my community in southern california.

moving to another subject, PHOTO LA is this weekend. I’ll be heading up to LA this weekend to check it out. It should be interesting to see all the different new talent that is coming into this field as the market is changing.

moving beyond san miguel

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on November 18, 2008

nancy running down the stairs. las trancas, mexico.
© kevin t vu

we are finishing up our time here in san miguel. i’ve made amazing contacts and deepened my friendships w/ my peers. this season has had a totally different dynamic than the one that i had in santa fe. it’s been fun, but more importantly, i’ve learned so much from the photographers, the mexican people, and my peers.

as this season comes to a close, i realize that i have to start a new chapter. and though i have come to understand my transient state in life, it still pains me as i leave people, places, and things that i have come to know. i just hope that my next step will be forward.

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Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on October 20, 2008

renie…a kind and giving boss that is more than a boss, but a friend.
san miguel, mexico.
© kevin t vu

for you ren.

static for the moment

Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on October 19, 2008

Foggy afternoon. Pozos, Mexico.
© kevin t vu

New friends exploring new places. Pozos, Mexico.
© Vidal Berrones

I have been in San Miguel de Allende for a week now and have discovered that the people and their city are beautiful. There is a large ‘gringo’ population and is, therefore, a bit more tailored than many of the other cities that i have thus far visited in mexico. Yet, there is a uniqueness to it that is very intriguing.

We have prepared the classrooms for the upcoming workshop season which starts today. I will be working w/ Frank Ockenfels, whose style is completely different from my own. It should be a great opportunity for me to expand my photographic techniques.

On another note, it has been refreshing to know that i have a beautiful, clean and warm home to come back to everyday. I am here for another month will be trying to get a sense of the place and its people.