Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on June 29, 2007

WooHoo!!!! i turned in all my work for the term! 30 min. of sleep last night and now i’m home. i just finished a huge sandwich and now i’m off to bed at 330 in the afternoon. i think i’m training to be a sumo wrestler.


John Patterson

Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on June 26, 2007

John sitting in his council estate apartment.  Elephant and Castle, London.
© Kevin T. Vu

This is one of the portraits that i’ve done for my Elephant and Castle project. I’ve worked with four families and john was one of the people that was kind enough to have me in his home. i’m still in the process of finishing everything up which will be turned in on friday.

term ends

Posted in graduate school, personal by Kevin Vu on June 24, 2007

term two comes to an end. our last session was last thursday where anne and i ended up doing our presentation on lebanon. it was good to get it over with. some of us went to a press photographers seminar on friday and it wasn’t very informative. the only good part was tom stoddart’s talk and the free libations that we had afterwards. a bunch of us went out afterwards for jackie’s bday and it was a good way to end the term. paul extended our deadline so we dont have to turn everything in until this coming friday. i still have the short essays to do and a little more printing. it’s gonna be weird w/ everyone being gone. there’s a lot to be done this summer if only i get my sh_t together. hopefully, everyone comes back after this summer with great work. best of luck to everyone!


Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on June 12, 2007

well, its been a little while since i uploaded some thoughts. ‘uploaded some thoughts,’ geez, i sound like a robot or something. the past couple of days seemed to have been really busy, but i dont think i got much done. i was a little down w/ a mild case of the flu this weekend which didnt help any. and due to unforeseeable circumstances, i wasn’t able to shoot anything on sat. because all the families i’ve been working w/ bailed out on me. so i ended up wasting the whole day. fortunately, i was able to reschedule some of them for sunday. one couple was sick,however, and i ended up not being able to photograph them. i had a backup picture that i had taken of them a couple of weeks ago, but i would have liked to refine the image. so in the end, i ended taking portraits of 4 families and they were all satisfied w/ the images i gave them. i also got model releases for them as well which is always nice. i ended up being in the darkroom all day today w/ alban and tonks. jon was very helpful in the colour darkroom cause i don’t have very much experience working in the colour darkroom. i dont know if i’ve stressed it enough, the facilities at LCC are horrendous and its really frustrating how little time we have there. we have a week and a half of course left and they closed the lab early today. and on our scheduled priority day, they decide to close that early as well. and labs are all closed during the summer. come on, give me a break! i still am waiting for some negs to be developed so i can try to print it on thursday and friday. its getting down to the wire and i should feel stressed because it seems everyone else is in our course. i dont know if its apathy or wat, but i dont seem to be too worried. i probably should though. eh.


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Katie standing downstairs at a photoshoot. Wapping, London.
© Kevin T. Vu