heading out

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summer in california. © kevin t vu

it’s summer and the 4th of july is this saturday. so i’m heading out. gonna drive to santa fe to visit some friends, do some odd jobs and celebrate the 4th. then i’m not sure where i’m heading next. might just drive back home or just keep going east.

i’ve switched back to film and will be shooting it on this trip. i have no idea what story i’ll be shooting, but i head out early tomorrow morning and all i have in mind is a photographic journal of my trip. i’m excited to be shooting on film again! it’s been a while. we’ll see how it turns out.


the donnors

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relaxing in the backyard. buffalo, new york.

hanging out in front of the tv. buffalo, new york.

bbq on the ranch. holland, new york.

conversations on the front porch. holland, new york.

food-coma after a late lunch/early dinner. buffalo, new york.

enjoying the last bits of summer. holland, new york.

exhaustion after a long day of relaxation. holland, new york.

the road leading home. holland, new york.

these are images of my first family, part of my home series. these are the initial rough edits. have some others that are on the fence. would love feedback on the images/edit/idea/etc.!

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on the road. somewhere between here and there.
© kevin t vu

on the road. somewhere closer to there than here.
© kevin t vu

prep week for the workshops started this past week. i’m absolutely exhausted. its been a good and challenging week. i’ve been quite frustrated w/ myself. as the ‘studio manager,’ i’m supposed to know how to setup the studio. unfortunately, its only my first season so i dont know the routine and expectations. so i’ve had to take a back seat as my studio assistant has had to take care of a lot of the operational side of things. the workshops start tomorrow so i’m hoping to get into rhythm once it starts. its been utterly taxing, but i’ve enjoyed every moment of it. hopefully, some opportunities will come from this. fingers crossed!

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