moving forward

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on August 30, 2010

florian and elheme. coubron, france.

© kevin t vu

i can’t believe that we’re gonna be in september of 2010 already! how fast this year has gone! i just got back from san francisco shooting some video for an advertising campaign. embry rucker was the director and photographer. he brought me along to be the director of photography. i had an amazing time shooting video for him! i love working w/ embry because he has such a great mentality on set! i always love being a part of his crew!

assisting has been consistent income for the past year or so. but i’ve gotten complacent from the stability. i’m ready to head off towards a new direction. its scary and daunting, but i am so excited about my possibilities! i’m confident in my ability to manage a set and get the picture for the client. therefore, i’m committing myself to the act of shooting. and not just shooting, but having amazing clients that pay me to shoot subjects that i want to shoot! here we go!!!

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production value

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on August 16, 2010

nadia in the park. yvoire, switzerland.
© kevin t vu

i’ve been really engulfed in my own work recently. what i’ve come to realize is that I need to work on my color portfolio. i started in b/w and it has always been an important facet to my work. but the reality is that most commercial and editorial assignments will be done in color, not to say there isn’t room for b/w. its that i need to be more dimensional and push my work.

i’ve also become more aware that my book needs to have more work that demonstrates production value. granted i started in the documentary field and my ‘style’ will stay grounded to that, but i need to show that I can command a set with stylists, makeup artists and the likes of a commercial shoot. i need to show that i can CREATE an environment where my style of imagery can be achieved for an editorial or commercial client.

all that being said, it really comes down to me shooting more. i need to just keep shooting and pushing myself to the next level.

” you walk by faith, not by sight.”

~ unknown