heading home

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 18, 2008

dog walking past the ruins of chichen itza. chichen itza, mexico.
© kevin t vu

we are on our last days of the trip. i’ve gone full circle and am now back in san miguel de allende. it’s weird being here w/ lauren and not w/ those from the s.m. workshops. i’m in the same place, but making new memories and experiences.

we fly back to california early friday morning. didnt have enough time to make it all the way back before christmas and did not want to do the 42 hr bus ride from here. in 2 days, i will have to come back to reality and realize that i am unemployed, like so many others in our economy today.


moving beyond san miguel

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on November 18, 2008

nancy running down the stairs. las trancas, mexico.
© kevin t vu

we are finishing up our time here in san miguel. i’ve made amazing contacts and deepened my friendships w/ my peers. this season has had a totally different dynamic than the one that i had in santa fe. it’s been fun, but more importantly, i’ve learned so much from the photographers, the mexican people, and my peers.

as this season comes to a close, i realize that i have to start a new chapter. and though i have come to understand my transient state in life, it still pains me as i leave people, places, and things that i have come to know. i just hope that my next step will be forward.

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Patrick Donehue

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on November 9, 2008

Lorena modeling for me. san miguel de allende, mexico.
© kevin t vu

I just finished my week assisting with Patrick Donehue, the director of photography at Corbis. He has been a wealth of information! I feel very fortunate to have met him at this time in my life, especially when I am reflecting on my next career move. He was generous enough to give me insight on my work and career and i’m hoping to take advantage of this opportunity.

I have one more week left here. I will be working w/ jim richardson this week through national geographic expeditions. and then i will be off to meet lauren in mexico city where we’ll set off on our adventure through mexico, belize and guatamala! woohoo!

frank ockenfels

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on October 27, 2008

sol hanging out by the flowers. san miguel de allende, mexico.
© kevin t vu

just finished the 1st week of san miguel w/ frank ockenfels. he was an amazing instructor/photographer. we worked w/ home depot lights and produced some amazing imagery. For me, the photographers i respect are the ones that i’ve met and can see why their imagery is so stunning. and i found frank to be one of those photographers that i truly admire.

this week, i will be assisting marcela taboada. she’s a mexican documentary photographer. so i’m excited to see how this week goes.


Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on October 20, 2008

renie…a kind and giving boss that is more than a boss, but a friend.
san miguel, mexico.
© kevin t vu

for you ren.