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London streetscapes.
© Kevin T. Vu

I haven’t started my major project yet. and i was very ampathetic to the idea for a while. but now, i’m starting to get the panic-attack feeling. tia was here for 2 weeks and we went to paris for a couple of days. then, she left and i was looking for a new flat w/ mario. so now we have found a 3 bedroom flat. mario, my californian friend jessica, and me. and then i was looking for a part-time job. things keep coming up and i push my final project back. and then, i get these moments where i stress out about what is gonna happen to me come january. i have no idea where i’m going or how i’m going to support myself. i stress about it at night, end up sleeping at 5 and waking up at 3 in the afternoon. and the cycle keeps going. i read articles on photography and see how young and talented so and so is, and then, i look at myself and wonder. where, what, when, and how? those are the constant questions that keeps coming to me. for me, this year/course seems over. people say our major project is the “launching pad” to the industry. realistically though, how many of us will actually sell or make some kind of commission from our final work?

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  1. Nuria said, on August 13, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    I like you better when you’re not so pessimistic.
    Once you begin your project everything will get easier. And, of course, you have to know about what others did and do but, what’s the point on comparing you with them? Now you’re beginning a “new” way in your life as a photographer. You don’t have to be like them, you have to be you. You’re different and not too old to begin. No one said it had to be easy!
    As most of the mortals, you’ll do some kind of commission you like and others that you don’t but give you the money to live. You know that only a few have the privilege of doing only what they want.
    So, remember that, even if your name and your photos are not in these articles, I know you’re a good photographer and you can live a life as a photographer, as well. The only thing I can tell you to finish is: cheer up my friend! Without a good mood, nothing is possible, with the right mood, IT IS!

  2. claudia said, on August 19, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    hey I think the first two shots are absolutely amazing!

  3. paigegreen said, on August 20, 2007 at 12:34 am

    me too….(I think the shots are amazing, especially the second two)….I like the style you are exploring, keep it up….and once you start you will be fine….the mental battle is the biggest one you have to fight. I understand that completely!

  4. Jille said, on August 23, 2007 at 5:43 am

    well first of all – Kevin – face reality here … when have you ever NOT procrastinated a final project to the last minute? My memory says that has never happened. I think you function better under the pressure. I mean look where the art of procrastination has gotten you today – grad school! Hello! This is a gift. Embrace it.

    It will come to mind soon enough. Do not freak. Stay focused on procrastinating and then it will just hit you (the idea for your stardom) with sudden epiphany. “Eureka! I’ve got it you’ll say…” And then snap, snap, snap you’ll be on your way…

    Cheers, JMF

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