in loving memory…

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on July 6, 2009


© thomas ball

for jennie gunhammer, a wonderful friend and amazing photographer who always helped me in my own journey.


santa fe

Posted in work by Kevin Vu on March 27, 2009

ana-lauren, a superb friend for the past 15 years. nyc, new york.

caroline, one terrific graphic designer w/ a great sense of humor. nyc, new york.

hannah, a wonderful fashion designer that is helping each of us look better each day. nyc, new york.

grace, an amazing friend who’s work is helping the world. nyc, new york.

steph, i ran into her on the streets of nyc. havent seen her since college. nyc, new york.

genevieve, a jetsetter whom i haven’t seen since college. nyc, new york.
© kevin t vu

i just want to thank ana-lauren, caroline, hannah, and grace again for everything! i couldn’t have gone to nyc had they not been kind enough to let me crash on their couches for the past 2 weeks. i had a great time in nyc and learned a tremendous amount from my meetings. but i still have a huge amount of learning to do.

for now, i’m back in santa fe. got back on wed. and will be starting my ‘editorial portrait’ class on sunday. i’m excited and nervous. its scary to put yourself out there, but in this business, if you dont put yourself out, no one will ever let you in.

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