family continued…

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i went for a motorcycle ride up the pacific coast highway last weekend for the memorial day holiday.  i went to santa cruz to spend some quality time w/ jess, hank and rebecca.  i consider them family really.  these journal pages are a travelogue of the trip.





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dinner w/ the ruckers.  encinitas, san diego.

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i’m been very fortunate in my life to be surrounded by such good company.  and embry and co. can’t be beat!  they have been incredibly generous and kind to me!  in a world full of artificiality and pretension, their sincerity,  openness and authenticity have helped me to stay grounded .



moving along…

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the goal was comprehension, and the only way to comprehend the world was by making myself vulnerable to it so that it could change me. the challenge was to lay myself open to everybody and everything that came my way. the prize was to change and grow big enough to feel one with the whole world. the real danger was death by exposure.

~ ted simon \ jupiter’s travels


finding balance

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picnic at lauren’s place.

los angeles, california.

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i’m dedicating this year to finding BALANCE in my life.



   life is no straight and easy corridor along

which we travel free and unhampered,

but a maze of passages,

through which we must seek our way,

lost and confused, now and again

checked in a blind alley.

But always, if we have faith,

a door will open for us,

not perhaps one that we ourselves

would ever have thought of,

but one that will utimately

prove good for us.

~ a.j. cronin

new year, new hopes

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 30, 2010

portrait of deserae.  santa fe, new mexico.

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Like a book and its chapters, as one year ends, we eagerly await what the new one has in store. I am so excited for the new year!  I’m full of ideas and I can’t wait to get them out into the world.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount in 2010. And I’m hoping to learn so much more in 2011!

I love the process of age and time. I have come to accept them and they in turn have given me more wisdom. For that, I am truly grateful.

“everyone is born creative, everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarden.”

~ hugh macleod

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