Posted in work by Kevin Vu on October 5, 2010

fly fishing on the sacramento river. redding, california.
© kevin t vu

so much is going on that i feel like i’m running around like a headless chicken. work has been incredibly busy and i have been shooting an ever increasing amount of video. and as i’m doing video, i’m realizing that i need more hard drive space, and with hard drive space, i’m needing a faster computer, and with a faster computer, i’m needing more knowledge of software such as final cut pro, color, compressor, cinema tools and everything that is the post side of video. video takes an incredible amount of pre-production, production and post time! i’m learning a tremendous amount, but the more i take in, the more i realize that it is nonstop. there is always something more to learn! what an exciting time we’re living in! thank god for!!


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