Posted in personal, work by Kevin Vu on March 18, 2010

portrait of heath. lompoc, ca.
© kevin t vu

work has been relentless since january. i’m incredibly exhausted from overworking myself.   i assisted 2 shoots yesterday and ended up sleeping for an hour and a half before waking up to work the next day. i’m realizing that i’m pushing my body a bit too hard so i’ll be scaling back. its just so hard to say ‘no’ to work when you freelance and especially in a market such as ours. i cant really complain though.

i’m able to save the money that i’m making and pay the credit debt i’ve accrued over the years. i’m also able to buy equipment for myself. i honestly have to say though that i’m not shooting as much. thats the line the you have to walk when u assist. i’m making sure to stay focused so that i don’t fall into the career assistant rut. its definitely easy to keep doing this as the money can be decent and consistent. but its not the end all and i have to keep that in mind as i travel down this path.

“Stop looking for more business! The most important thing is to reinvent what it is you sell and to overwhelm your current clients with the experience they encounter when they engage you. This is what word of mouth will come from. Not from better photos, not from a better brochure, not from a cheaper price.”

~ Seth Godin

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