happy holidays!!!

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 25, 2008

having dinner w/ lauren. quetzaltenango, guatemala.
© kevin t vu

we made our way back home last friday. the flight arrived to LA at 830 am. my mother picked lauren and i up and shuttled us to my sister’s place. from there, we cleaned up and did some laundry. lauren and i then left for santa cruz at 430, just in time for the southern california traffic. in all, it took us about 7-8 hours of travel.

it was great to hang out w/ lauren’s family. they are so kind and giving. i was able to see them cut the christmas tree, which i think is a great family tradition! the weather was frigid up north, it definitely made it feel like winter/fall.

the best part of coming home was seeing my newborn nephew!!! i was trying to make it back for the birth, which took 32 hrs (ouch!!), but they had to induce my sis a week early. so i came back to a beautiful nephew named aiden! he’s a cute little booger. sleeps an awful lot though.

as for now, i am home and trying to get things in order. traveling throws so many parts of my life into disarray, that once i get home, i have to put the pieces together. and a lot of times, i come back w/ new pieces. its been a great trip and i havent been home really for six months. so it’ll be good to spend some time here.

i hope everyone has a happy holiday and that i’ll be able to chat w/ u all soon! love.


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  1. Alban Biaussat said, on December 26, 2008 at 10:54 am

    Ciao bello ! thanks for your post. I must confess, i do check your stuff too regularly. Out of curiosity, hoping for gossips… Out of curiosity, hoping for new images – i like many of those you post in here… And out of curiosity, hoping for info about Mexico – as i’ll be going there in April (GL exhibition in Mex City). Maybe you’ll have tips?
    Meanwhile, congrats, all sounds very cool and productive; enjoy home, keep the faith and happy NY09!

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