zitacuaro, mexico

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on October 10, 2008

riding through the city. ciudad hidalgo, mexico.

am definitely in the thick of it now!! we got to their small pueblo almost a week ago. there, we were able to relax and recuperate for 3 days. and now, we’re engulfed in the bike pilgrimage for the Virgin Guadalupe! there are literally hundreds, if not more, of bicyclists! and the excitement surrounding the journey has been addicting. wherever we past, families and children come running out to clap for them. and the generosity of the mexican people have been astounding. i’ve had the privilege of that through juan, carlos, and jose, who’ve let me come into theirs. we come into towns and the towns people prepare breakfast and lunch for us. i’ve raced around in the back of trucks and ridden on motorcycles. almost lost a leg today (and a $5,000 camera) trying to run and jump onto a truck that was leaving. had no choice as it was my last option and i would’ve have been stranded. all this and i just cant believe it will be all over in 2 days! after that, my next journey starts!


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  1. sarah said, on October 11, 2008 at 2:28 am

    vu!!! I am so, so glad you are loving it!! I can’t wait to see more images and hear stories…you are fabulous!

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