Posted in projects by Kevin Vu on September 11, 2008

jessica relaxing in between photo shoots. santa fe, new mexico.
© kevin t vu

been home for a day now. actually, i dont really have a home anymore. my mom sold the house i spent my childhood in while i was in santa fe. so everything has been moved out, and my things have been placed in my sister’s garage. and i am now in her guest bedroom. i am officially a gypsy.

talking about home, i want to further explain my ‘home’ project. if you’ve seen my london work, you know that it was a very cold, elusive, weighted and detached story. it was a personal description of my time there. but since then, i have always thought about the idea of ‘home.’ what makes a place ‘home?’ (be it physical or mental.) is home the tangibles or the intangibles, or a pinch of both? i wanted to think and shoot in a totally different capacity. at first, the story was quite unfocused. i was just shooting anything w/ the idea of ‘home’ in my mind. i jumped from a holga camera, to a medium format hasselblad and finally back to my 35mm. i did know that i wanted to shoot in color. i wanted to think in color, to draw upon the vivacity of the idea of ‘home.’ i’ve narrowed down to shooting 35mm color digital w/ the nikon d3. i’m still trying to narrow the story further, to try to extract a main thesis for the essay. but i guess i’m still in the rough draft phase.

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  1. paige green said, on September 19, 2008 at 5:23 am

    what happened to canon? did santa fe teach you that nikon was better?

    glad you are blogging and I look forward to seeing mexico.

    good things may come from being homeless… ironic since that is your thesis. but an important topic these days as everything else in the world seems a mess.

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