Posted in projects, work by Kevin Vu on September 9, 2008

sarah hanging out in the pond. holland, new york.
© kevin t vu

tonight is my last night in santa fe, new mexico. said my goodbyes to all the new friends i’ve made here and was able to enjoy a nice dinner w/ mignon, her son adriel and my buddy sakas. from here, i book straight back to southern california, where i need to get a lot of things in order. i’m ‘home’ (which is the guest bedroom of my sister’s house) for about 2 weeks.

after that, i will be meeting up w/ a couple of people who will be bicycling down to mexico city. i’ll be journeying down w/ them, driving the pace car and documenting the trip. i was able to get in touch w/ these guys through my friend sarah law, pictured above. it should be an awesome trip and i will hopefully pull off some great imagery from it. i’d love to blog about the journey, but we shall see about the internet connection.

once in mexico city, i’ll be heading to san miguel de allende, where i’ll start working for the workshops again. it’ll be a month stint. that should be a great time and will offer me the opportunity to network some more!

i’m aiming to make contacts on the way down so that i can keep shooting my ‘home’ project. i have a friend in mexico city, whom i met at the workshops. so i have gotten in touch w/ him and hopefully, we’ll be able to meet up.

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