forks & watersheds

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on January 30, 2008

Driving on the 405 freeway. Somewhere in California. Somewhere in life.
© Kevin T. vu

so i want to say thank you for everyone who thought of me this day. yes, i know its oprah’s birthday as well. but dont let that over-shadow mine. 26 now and it doesnt feel very different from 25. i like getting older. its like running a marathon. you get closer to your goal, at least i hope i’m getting closer. closer to the millions i’ll be making.

i’ve been giving my resume to anyone who’ll take it, even if they just need a piece of scratch paper. it’s tough and frustrating looking for jobs. i have leads, but have no idea about there tangibility. i just cross my fingers.

the image above represents very well where i’m at in my life. there are signs and i think i’m going the right way, but i can’t be totally sure. i close one chapter, just to feel that i’m starting the same chapter in my life again. or at least the beginning paragraph seems very familiar. the one that says, ‘hey everyone, new chapter, dont know where i’m headed, but lets hope it turns out well!”

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