Christmas in CALIFORNIA!

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on December 23, 2007





Random single images. Italy and London.
© Kevin T. Vu

hey guys! well, i’m home now and the course has ended. been back for about a week and a half and have been trying to put my life back in order. that and vegging out as much as i can. the end of the course went very well. everyone put there skills and energy together and we pulled out a very professional final exhibition. from there, i took a week break in italy w/ casey to get some sense of europe before i headed back home. its been good to be home. i feel at ease. though, i’m a bit restless because i haven’t touched my camera as much recently. i’m gonna try to start a new project soon. i’m giving myself until the new year to relax and get everything in order. starting the 1st of january (maybe the 2nd, depending on how hungover i am), i’m going to look for a job and start the new project. i want to do a project on ‘home’ or ‘belonging’, exploring what that term means to me visually in california. i’m thinking of shooting it on a old-school polaroid camera that my good friend anne gave to me as a going-away present. that or the holga or hasselblad or even the old yashica that i have. i def. want to explore the square frame again. i havent touched it all year and would like to keep at it so that i can be flexible in my photography. i’m going to start updating this blog again, mostly to keep me working photographically. well, thats it for me now. but i will be back soon. til then, have a great holiday and be safe!

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