Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on July 22, 2007

I would describe London’s weather as a jazz song… There really is no constancy to it. You just have to go along with it and appreciate the high’s and the low’s. In terms of projects, I haven’t done much in terms of my major project. I’ve done some street shooting, but that’s not a lot either. I’m not really sure how i keep myself busy. i guess it would be w/ a beer in one hand and a camera in the next. I see no pointe in starting my project now anyways since tia will be arriving on Tuesday. she’ll be here for 2 weeks so i probably wont be doing a lot of work towards my major project. but it will be good cause we’ll be out all time which will help me w/ my street photography. it should be a fun 2 weeks. we’ll be heading to paris for a couple of days. after that, its pretty much about putting my nose down to the grindstone and start churning out some beautiful and telling images. haha. we’ll see about that. as they say, ‘when shit hits the fan, get a tent.’ well, baby, i got my tent all pitched up and ready to go!


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