Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on July 7, 2007

Restaurant in Soho. London.
© Kevin T. Vu

I HATE EUROPEANS CALLING THEIR PAPER SIZES IN A3,A4…ETC…ETC.!!!!!! Why cant u guys just tell me in inches?! i complain about all of this because i was busy printing 12×16 inch sized photos all day today (to enter into the National Portrait Gallery competition), thinking that that was what A3 size is comparable to. little did i know that it’s some 15mm or cm shorter than A3. and i learned all this from luiz 15 mins before the lab was going to close. so i was freaking out and trying to print everything before Crazy Wendy started screaming at us to get the hell out. Luckily, ed helped me out and we got it printed in time. 3 prints in 15 minutes baby! that’s what i call professionalism! tooting my own horn here. i would also like to add that luiz supplied me with the correct sized paper. thank goodness for Team MAPJD.


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