Happy 4th of July!!!

Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on July 4, 2007



Commercialism. London.
© Kevin T. Vu

Happy 4th of July everyone! So in celebration of our forefathers, I ended up having a hotdog at Swedish-owned IKEA. i also ended up having some sushi from tesco’s (FYI-I’m vietnamese, i was just craving sushi). No fireworks, bbq’s, or sunny weather this year. Anyhow, I went to the Edmonton IKEA and Tesco’s. It was crazy how big they are. It definitely reminded me of home. Kind of like our Target’s and Costco’s. i hear they have costco’s here somewhere, but i’m not sure where. While i’ve been walking around London, I decided to do some smaller stories simultaneously w/ my major project. I’m gonna try to capture ‘commercialism’ in the western world. i’m also gonna try to do another story on surveillance/cctv in london. London has some 5,000,000 cameras around watching u. hopefully, these stories will make me get up from my arse when i’m not working on the major project. talking about major project, i’ve been in contact with the guys i’ve been working w/ so i’m gonna try to meet them up soon. however, my sleeping pattern is out of wack because i dont have to wake up early. so i have to get that back on track.


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