Posted in graduate school, personal by Kevin Vu on May 27, 2007

Marisca giving me a pose. Wapping, London.
© Kevin T. Vu

I went to go help Hubert yesterday at a fashion shoot he was doing. We did it in the old Wapping Power Station. The space was amazing. It’s now been converted into a huge art space with a restaurant. Watching Hubert work with the models was very interesting and helpful. He knows the image that he wants and is very confident in himself. He directs them very well and makes them at ease with such limited time. He gave me a chance to work with a model for a bit, but i found myself very uncomfortable. I just dont think i was very confident in myself. it’s a totally different way of thinking. I’m usually letting things happen in front of me and then i capture it. But with fashion/portrait photography, i have to direct a lot of it which i’m not very good at. I’ve been helping hubert a lot and i’ve been learning a lot from him. i still have a long way to go though.

i also tried to go to the elephant today to do some shots. but this shit weather is killing me. everytime i need the light and weather to be decent, it turns to crap. i’m contemplating of introducing some lights to the environment to get the pictures i want. i dont want to because i feel that would make the image even more artificial/created than it already is since i’m doing portraiture. another problem is if i do introduce lights to the scene, i would have to carry those damn lights. i already have a huge setup with the tripod and large format and do not need a whole lighting kit to carry as well. but i cant do anything when it rains and this damn project is due soon. so we’ll just see how the weather fairs tomorrow and i’ll then decide if i need to go buy an old lady’s stroller to carry everything in.


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