Simon Norfolk

Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on May 23, 2007

We had a talk by Simon Norfolk today and I found it very inspiring. His work is absolutely gorgeous, but there’s a real story behind each image that he makes. And he does it all using landscape photography and a 4×5 large format camera in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. i just think that’s amazing. I love how he alludes a lot of his work to previous landscape artists. I studied art history and didn’t think it would really help me at all with anything in life. But it has had a huge sway on how i’m thinking through the process of taking pictures. He was very open and generous and even sat down with a couple of us after the talk to discuss questions that we had. I’m thinking i’m leaning towards documentary portraiture, but also wanted to go to conflict zones. I think if Simon is able to do his work in a conflict zone with a large format camera, then i can try to do it with a medium format. All in all, i thought he was very personable and very smart in how he contextualized his images.

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