Sunday Lunch

Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on May 13, 2007

Car lights reflecting off the ground. Oxford Circus, London.
© Kevin T. Vu

I’ve been really busy with the elephant project. But the wet weather isn’t helping at all when you’re carrying a huge bag that holds a large format camera with an accompanying huge tripod. I had my first try at the large format yesterday and it wasn’t very effective. The 90 mm lens didnt work so i had to use a 210 lens which sucks because of the limited space. but that didnt really matter since i loaded the negatives incorrectly and they just popped out of the negative carrier. I was thinking to myself for at least 3 different individual times, ‘there goes $4!’ 3 negatives that added to 12 dollars. large format is an expensive piece of work. so i was really frustrated with it all yesterday. i ended the night by having dinner with claudia, lee, and paige at a chinese restaurant. it was good to sit down and enjoy each other’s company and it really satisfied my craving for chinese.

I was gonna go out again today to retry it with the large format. but then i headed over to anne’s to pick up a film scanner. i ended up being over there the whole day because it rained pretty hard and i didnt want to go all the way to elephant to take pictures in horrible lighting. So it was a choice of either taking pictures in horrible lighting at an estate flat or the warmth of anne’s gorgeous house where Bryan, Anne’s husband, was barbecuing under an umbrella. so it was an easy decision to make and i ended up being there the whole day eating and drinking. it was a great end to a really long and tiring week.


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