Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on May 10, 2007

People sitting at the Wax bar. Oxford Circus, London
© Kevin T. Vu

I went to the Heygate yesterday to take some family portraits of Gemma and her little daughter. I just took it with my digital SLR so that i could make her a cd. Her little girl, Rianna, is 7 weeks old. she is just adorable! at the same time, i’m asking gemma what she thinks about the redevelopment of the elephant/castle area as well as the heygate. i think a lot of people don’t like the atmosphere because of the amount of crack users that squat or live there. but they tend to like it a lot more than where they were before, which were mostly hostels. Gemma doesnt pay anything except for her television license and electricity. that’s pretty good considering that i’m leasing my arm and leg to pay for my small ass flat, technically, which is more like a room in a victorian house conversion. i’m thinkin’ they should let the MAPJD course take a whole floor there so that we can have free housing in return for documenting the area for them. i’m digressing, my bad. ok, so most of the ones i’ve talked to(i haven’t talked to many) tend to like it more than their last place, but they’re short-term renters so they’re also trying to bid on a new place to live.

we also had our group tutorial with adam and paul today. its funny how similarly adam and oliver dress and talk. it was good to hear what everyone was thinking of doing for their major project. with these tutorials though, they tend to drag on. i thought paul would’ve been more of a stickler for sticking to the time since he’s usually pretty good at it. before going into the tutorial, i was really confident about my idea, but now, not so much. it’s more of the approach than the story itself. i’m gonna stick to the teens and youths i’ve been workin’ with cause it’s a relevant and current story in the uk. likewise, i’m thinking of working more with youths and gangs, something that really interests me.


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