The Heygate

Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on May 8, 2007

A man passes a homeless person in the subway. Elephant & Castle, London.
© Kevin T. Vu

Well, I’ve been making a lot of calls to try to set up an appointment to do a shoot but it keeps falling through. I’m hoping the family isn’t tired of me yet. Because the shoot fell through, I decided to knock on some more doors at the Heygate Estate. I’ve noticed that people tend to be a little more weary of me as I go further down towards the ground floor. Maybe those are the ones that gets their doors knocked on all the time because all the ‘door-knockers’ are too lazy to go up further. Anyways, I was able to get some more phone numbers of people who are interested. I think I have a for sure count of about 5-6 families with a couple more undecided. The problem is I have to appropriately schedule everyone for this weekend because I only have the large-format camera from Fri.-Mon. I really haven’t done very much research into the estate, but it’s interesting to meet the people and hear their stories. I met John today who said he was in prison for 6 years because the Ecuadorean gov. caught him with 2 lbs. of cocaine. He said it wasn’t his though and that they knew to check him. It’s hard to tell what is true because some stories seem really wild or biased. I just have to take everything in with a grain of salt.


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  1. grace said, on May 10, 2007 at 5:45 am

    love this one!

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