Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on May 1, 2007

Three quarters of the MA Photojournalism course. Elephant & Castle, London.
© Rebecca Paige Green (Assisted by Tom Hunter)

We had a good workshop today on using large format cameras. Tom Hunter was very patient and helpful with us considering none of us, besides Ed, had an understanding of how large format works. We were able to enjoy the beautiful day outside taking portraits of each other and ending up with one final portrait of all of us. Unfortunately, not everybody in our course was there so some people are missing. Afterwards, Thomas and I headed over to the Heygate Estate to check it out some more and then it was off to the Royal Geographic Society to see Ian Berry speak about his photography. So it has been a real long day. And to end the night, heading home on the bus, I was able to sit right in the middle of a huge verbal assault between, at 1st, one lady, which ended up being between 8 people. I could’ve moved, but me having this sense of being a ‘photojournalist’ decided to stay seated where I was, which was right in the middle of it, to see how everything would pan out. The whole scene lasted for about 10 minutes and the driver actually had to stop the bus to warn them that we wouldn’t budge if they kept going at it. I loved it! You know that feeling when something is starting to brew and its just gonna spill over. Well, that was exactly what it was.


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