Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on April 23, 2007

Old dilapidated gate. Scotland. *Cropped
© Kevin T. Vu

Well, it was a grey day today, so i decided to stay in and watch tutorials. i’ve been wholed up at my place for the majority of the past couple of days watching damn tutorials. i should be researching my elephant project, but i’m busy doing other things. i was supposed to go snooping around the elephant today, but was detracted by the rain. i haven’t touched my camera for about a week or two and am having withdrawal symptoms. so hopefully, i can get out tomorrow and do some street shooting by school since i have a ‘web production design’ class anyways at 530. i should be more worried about my project and research essay, but i’m not. i think its the procrastinator in me. so, i’m gonna try to do research both on the elephant and the middle-east conflict soon. middle-east meaning israeli-palestinian conflict. there seems to be a lot of middle-east conflicts huh? and what do u know, america is a major player in all of them. damn americans.

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