Term Project

Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on April 12, 2007

Light streaming through a window in my flat.
© Kevin T. Vu

So, I’ve been quite busy this past week. The term is gonna start again so I have my photo essay and Walker Evans research paper due. I went to the digital studio today and spent all day printing my work. I printed 7 photographs and surprisingly they turned out alright. I thought that I would’ve spent more time editing the photographs due to the different calibrations of our monitors. It does take quite a while to print though, and the lab times are a bit constraining. We only have about 4 days to do all the printing. I would’ve thought that for a university, we would have more time in the digital studio. Fortunately, I have my macbook pro to do all the work on them before i get to the studio. With a lot of help, I’ve edited my photo essay down to 14 images. I think it’s not as static as before, flows better and presents a cohesive story. As for my research paper, it’s coming along. I’m learning quite a lot. I’m starting to appreciate Walker Evans more as I progress. It’s interesting to study work that you might not necessarily like or agree with.


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