Posted in graduate school by Kevin Vu on April 7, 2007

Dolly sitting under a housing block. Caledonian Road, London
© Kevin T. Vu

So, the weather has been amazing in London!  Man, i feel like i can walk around in board shorts and a t-shirt, just like in soCal, except that it gets cold at night.  So i’ve settled to wearing my flipflops and letting my little toes have some fresh air.  Its unfortunate though, i’ve tried to lock myself into my room to do my research paper on Walker Evans.  i have tons of notes, now i just have to put it into a cohesive essay with a clearly defined thesis.  hopefully, it shouldn’t be too bad.  I just get so distracted.  I work 1 hr. and give myself a 2 hr. break.  or i read or watch tutorials that help me with my photography, but in the end, it doesn’t get me any further on the essay.  so after i head to claudia’s tomorrow for a photo edit, i’m gonna try to head back and put down a couple of pages for the essay.  i went to the library today, but it was closed for bank holiday.  so i have to settle for next week to get a couple of more books to finish my essay.  hopefully, the ones i need are still there and my book-grubbing fellow photographers haven’t taken them all.  haha.

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