The Irish

Posted in personal by Kevin Vu on April 1, 2007

I headed over to Anne’s today to do some photo editing. She was quite insightful and helped me to edit down my own edit. She also gave me ideas as to what the story is missing. Her house was gorgeous. Great character to it. And the 3 kids (Abbey, Aran, Ella) added to a quite dynamic atmosphere. Anne was nice enough to let me follow them along to Abby’s riding lesson. We enjoyed some nice chips(thats what they call french fries over here) and a warm cup of cappuccino and I was busy dodging spit-wads from Ella and Aran. Anne was able to give me a tour of the area (we drove past Paul McCartney’s home) as we headed next to get 4-year old Ella a brand new pair of pink trainers. I have to say, for a 4 year old, she is quite witty. The kids were great. It really made me miss the elementary school kids I taught back in the states. I headed home afterwards and was pooped from a couple games of tag and hide & seek that I had played with the kids. I give Anne a lot of credit for being able to juggle everything.


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